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See YOU See Me!

See YOU See Me!

The room was lined with wood paneling and rock work walls. A cozy affair that made one feel like staying for a while. We all gathered there, for something. Each one of us carrying our hope in our hands. The neighborly venue offered food, wine, and friends. The old piano sitting in a lonely spot was moved onto the stage. “Dust it off!” They chimed as the wheels turned the wooden music machine in the right direction.

It was all ready, we waited. Soon the musician entered the stage. The room grew quiet as the slender fingers touched the keys. The microphone was up and so was the mood.

So the music began.

Come on down to the Red Crow and share with me as I play and sing for you some tunes that I have written!

Hope to see you there!

for now

Rachel 🙂

December 6th, 8:00 !!

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