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Jolly Holidayssss

Jolly Holidayssss

Good afternoon to YOU! I hope you are finding your pace in this month of busy and merry making! All of the sparkling lights and festive music and the feeling one gets when they share goods and treats with loved ones is a special time for sure. That said, sometimes the Holiday rush and family tree full of memories stirs up old sensitivites and echoes creeks in the floors of family life.

Perhaps it’s because these are the ties that run deep and the heights of festive jolly are not always measured by the deep places of the heart. I have reflected on these thoughts and as I look from the outside in I am reminded how much we all just need a bit of grace and love to wrap our presents in as we lay them at the family tree.

It is a wonder that we can get together, and share our gifts. A sure indication that we all just want to love and to be loved by those that matter so much to us.

I am wishing you a Very Merry, Jolly Christmas! To look out and see the longing for love others have as we mingle with our loved ones, is to see the family tree with a twinkling of joy! Love is the best gift under the tree!

I am playing tonight at the Red Crow! Mostly my own tunes and a few Christmas carols to tie into the Season!! Hope to see you there!

Lots of love

Rachel 🙂

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