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Laying Down Tracks, Lifting UP Music!

Laying Down Tracks, Lifting UP Music!

Good morning to YOU! Through hazy skies I write to YOU dear reader and know that there is so much happening in so many ways! It feels really wonderful to create these new songs for you and also to learn more about the Industry in general! I am so thankful to be able to create and write in these times!

We have been laying down some great tracks for the new songs that are coming.

I was speaking with a dear friend of mine, Bhupinder and sharing how wonderful music is, how singing is such a great and purposeful part of life! How just lifting your voice and singing is like throwing pebbles into the waters and watching the ripples move in time with the Universal flow that God has designed. The rhythm of the world and the worlds beyond. Perhaps it looks like kaos, but kaos is an illusion created on the “stage” of life.

I think of my song I collaborated on with Babacar, he wrote the music I wrote the lyrics and the melody. The song is titled “Hurry”.

When you think of Robert Frost’s poem, where he mentions he has chosen the road less travelled, the higher road, so to speak. Hurry is about this idea. In these times of perceived kaos, there is a way through it, the Higher road, the ‘road less travelled.’

Robert Frost really was speaking about one’s attitude on life’s journey, an attitude of joy! One can see life with negative glasses on or see life in it’s fullness. To feel the presence of God Almighty and know He is in control.

Hurry is written like a treasure map…..the road that leads one onward and through on the journey. Not to find oneself stuck or taken off the path. There is way through on this journey!! It is the wonder of life, the mystery and the blessing!!

Take a listen to Hurry! Found here on the website!

Looking forward !!

Have a beautiful day

for now

Rachel 🙂

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