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Cool Clear and Blue

Cool Clear and Blue

It was just as the sun was beginning to decline, the sunset was approaching. The heat of the day lingered and I was anxious to get to the waters edge. I set my foot in to the clear blue cool and felt a involuntary sigh of relief. Slowly I moved forward, the chill a welcome to the heat that the day had offered. Into the blue, into the cool, I could feel the wet cool on my skin as I sunk into the water and felt the freedom of it’s movement around my body. I moved out into the water, deeper and deeper. Like cool glass as the sun began to set. The loons melancholy song echoing on the surface. It was a moment to linger on. A time to refresh and look forward to the evening.

We arrived home and turned on the studio lights and so the music began to form……..

Working on some really beautiful tunes ahead!

That said, also there are many songs here on my website and Only here, that you are welcome to listen too, enjoy and purchase if you wish!

Have a beautiful day….

Tunes ahead!

for now

Rachel 🙂

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