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Flowers Blowin in the Wind

Flowers Blowin in the Wind

Good afternoon! I hope you are possibly tucked in from the snowy weather or possibly on some great beach somewhere with a 2.00 meal…!

I am here in the snowy weather staying warm and in a cozy mood! I picked up my guitar this morn and played by the fire and it felt so nice. I played some of my older tunes. I have recently written some new songs that we are in the middle of producing!

I was thinking of one of my first albums, in a small studio where I sat down with my guitar and sang into the guitar mike as it was all that we had. I was thinking of my song , “Flowers Blowin in the Wind” On this song, some one who says he promotes songs emailed me and said that Michael Jackson had wanted to use it…..Hmmnnnnn I don’t know about that..anywho I was thinking of the lyrics.

‘Got home from work today, the phone is ringing the dog is barkin the bills still aren’t paid.

I could really use a friend, a break, but tomorrows just more of the very same


Turn on the news to relax a little, they haven’t got anything, any better

Nothing to look forward to , tomorrow or today

Where do I go for a little comfort, a little hope in a world that’s slowly dying Lord,

You whisper gently, softly, lovingly, you say you know I’m frail

Like flowers, blowin in the wind

For He knows we are but dust, and that our days are few and breif like grass

like flowers

that are blowin in the wind.

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