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Every Little Drop

Every Little Drop

Good morning! Today the rain falls gently, sometimes rather forcefully as the water finds the lowest common ground. It is alright I think to myself, as the grass is ever greener and my plants drink in the liquid gold. But I know that my friends all around the world have troubles with flooding, with drought, with earthquakes and I am in sorrow for them. I know these are the events in life that ‘interrupt our plans’. I am more and more thankful for everyday of normal living as I explore my passions and bring about my creations.

It is an honor to share my music with YOU! To hear from yOu that it has helped in these times. I am so honored, because it is my heart to create and share the love and hope that surrounds us.

As I continue to create new music I am so looking forward to sharing it with you! I have some really AMAZING artists playing along with the new music!

I wish you a beautiful day, a day full of hope and many tomorrows!

for now, Rachel 🙂

Every little drop of rain,

Like teardrops from True eyes of pain

Do fall in tune with tears, not vain

To tell of love, It’s sweet refrain.

As God collects each tear

Each tear drop collects He

Like drops of rain.

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