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Concerts In the Dark!

Concerts In the Dark!

Good day to you! Last night I was too stimulated from such a great Sunday, taking my dad out and

watching Top Gun! What a great show, and Tom Cruz, so talented!!

I woke up in the night and just couldn’t settle down, so I picked up my guitar and just played. I played several of my songs, in the dark of the night, a concert and felt so good! It felt like I was me.

Writing music, singing it out loud and having my fingers, feel their way up and down the guitar makes me feel whole. Something takes place. Like an answer to a question.

I am looking forward to many more tunes with YOU! I just finished writing a new one, inspired by some great and wonderful comments from some of you.

I am looking forward to the future!

Lots of ideas, and exciting turns in the journey, but ultimately, we see how God arranges the concerts in the dark!

Have a beautiful day, and LOTS of love your way!!

for now

Rachel 🙂

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