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Zorobabel “REST” Song #1.

Zorobabel “REST” Song #1.

Good evening! Here the rain is falling, moments of sunshine peeking through the clouds but

overall a grey day!

Recently, I had the honor and encouragement from a musician friend who just can’t get enough of my

song titled, “REST”, song #1. on my album ZOROBABEL. It is really an honor to create and make music for others to take into their lives and the stories they live out.

I wrote REST, after a series of very difficult circumstances that I was not yet out of. Life was rough. I had come to a moment where everything looked completely dark. I remember, God making an impression on me at that time. Like a cornered animal, in a cage, a dark cage, God showed me a ray of light! Even in my darkest hours, God revealed His ultimate light which just IS.

I also could relate to the struggle to comprehend, and receive this truth. The personal battle to reason with my own logic and the life I had before me, the story being told, was not to be a happy ending.

So when I wrote the song, REST, I wrote the music with that clash of emotion, the battle to surrender into peace, God’s peace waiting for me.

I took this song down to the local studio in my area. The time we got to record was starting late into the night. I guess that was the quiet time for us being the studio was right down town. The band that came together for it were all hired for the song and we recorded it one take. I played my guitar, and sang the song and the drummer , really talented but new to the music, caught on really well. Scott Mathews. He is also the person on the front cover of Zorobabel. He had played some gigs with me previously so, he was familiar with the song now.

We recorded it and I took this song down to Vancouver to have Spenser Capier work on it with me, maybe add some bass later. He had been touring extensively with Carolyn Aryens, a well known Canadian musician. He had good ears and I was excited to work with him.

The tension in the song, the hard rock sound, he didn’t like. Not the way he would have recorded he said. But that was okay with me, because I wanted to have the feel of struggle, the battle we all face, entering into a REST with God.

It is a battle, we move into peace from struggle. It is the human condition.

Anyways! Recently my very talented musician friend just discovered this song and says he is addicted to it, plays it over and over every day!!

Wow! You never know with your creations, with music and when it has it’s times.

I want to thank you so much for sharing with me!

So many exciting adventures ahead!!

Looking forward to creating more tunes !!

For now

Rachel 🙂

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