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Good day to you! The weather, yes, we talk about the weather…because it’s so changeable!! Well anyways it is 30 below here, but a beautifully sunny day!

A great day for me to continue to work on my songs!

When I wrote BABY BLUE, I received a phone call late at night. A frightened and crying voice was on the other end. It was really serious. Her situation was a matter of life and death.

My heart was crying for her. I talked with her for a long time and helped her set up a plan.

Through a series of adjustments and changes, she thankfully is now healthy and beautiful!

Challenges come to each of us. Sometimes we meet them like a champ, but sometimes we are weary from them and that’s when we really need a friend.

I played all of the instrument sounds and wrote the song late at night .

I hope today finds you so well and I send you much love!!

Please take a listen to BABY BLUE under singles on my website!

Tunes ahead!!

Rachel 🙂

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