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Month: February 2023

Peek a BOO! to LOVE~

To live a life of fear is not to see "Take a step back! " He said to the frightened who watched. "Rest your mind. Resist the fear that swirls around with such cruelty" "Do you see?" "See?" the frightened soul wept. "See the love?" He said. "See past the fear. " Love is there.
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Good day to you! The weather, yes, we talk about the weather...because it's so changeable!! Well anyways it is 30 below here, but a beautifully sunny day! A great day for me to continue to work on my songs! When I wrote BABY BLUE, I received a phone call late at night. A frightened and crying voice was on the other end. It was really serious. Her situation was a matter of life and death. My...
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A friend of mine, Bhupinder Kumar asked me to write a song for him, with the concepts of a Universal family. That we are all brothers and sisters, human beings. That we should love one another! As Valentines day is approaching and "love is in the air" I would ask you to listen to this song, to consider our neighbors, our friends, our fellow human beings, and to "love one another". I wrote, sang,...
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Good morning! After a good breakfast, and a warm cup of coffee, I am thankful for this day! Yesterday I finished a new song and a few others that I have been working on! I look at the songs that I have had the honor to share with you so far! Each one different and having it's own message. I was working in advertising and Babacar N'dyie asked me to collaborate with him. Such a talented musician....
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