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After Easter Bursts, Spring!

After Easter Bursts, Spring!

Good evening! The quiet contemplation of Easter is past and now Spring is approaching, all the more warmly as the days move us onward.

There is a sense of freedom in the idea that we are exploring the New World, how to manage ourselves in this new season. How the element of faith in knowing that there is a future planned out, that God is good, and in control, that time is not a wasted measure as the Earth rotates and spins.

I am very inspired to create new songs and have several on the way.

Songs, come from a place that a musician gratefully receives, a yearning, a love from the deep!

All that to say, Stay Tuned as I am excitedly looking forward to exploring the days ahead, and feel inspired to give to yOu, from the heart!

Have a really wonderful week!

for now

Rachel 🙂

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