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Month: April 2021

Mixing and Melody!

Good day to YOU! In these turnabout days I am excited to say we have been mixing down a beautiful new tune for YOU! The performance by some top artists is Really worth listening too! So...stay Tuned as we will be sharing some new songs, songs for 2021 and beyond!! LOts of love and music coming yOur way!! Have a beautiful day!! for now Rachel!
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Hey!! That’s Our Tune!

Good day to YOU! I was honored today as a wonderful person I have met is using our music for his new show! It is really rewarding when you make music and find those who say they are appreciating it! So I am honored!! Here is the link and tunes are now in the making! Have a beautiful day :-) Rachel !
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After Easter Bursts, Spring!

Good evening! The quiet contemplation of Easter is past and now Spring is approaching, all the more warmly as the days move us onward. There is a sense of freedom in the idea that we are exploring the New World, how to manage ourselves in this new season. How the element of faith in knowing that there is a future planned out, that God is good, and in control, that time is not a wasted measure as...
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