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Month: January 2021

A Rest is as good as A Note

I have been sorting through clothes that I don't need and getting them over to the thrift store. Cleaning the clutter and I know as a musician that songs don't come in the clutter but in the rest. Musically, I find the pause, or the rest in the composition is as important to the song as a whole as notes can be. We too, need this solitary rest time. Time to sort through the clutter and really...
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What a Blast!

Good beautiful day to YOU! I hope this Monday is more than melancholy for YOU! Yes, unusual and changing but sometimes special things happen in the middle of the muddle! It was a great time in the studio creating a new sound and I had so much fun writing lyrics and laying down my vocals! Creativity is such a mysterious journey! So many interesting sights to see on the path! It is a bubbling...
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Pour down Love from Heaven Fill my empty places be Wash anew my wayward thinking May I truly love and see All the plans and beauty waiting True Love perpetually lasts Every New Day has it's reason Every soul a juncture, a path. Happy New Year! I look forward to each new and exciting day on this journey together!! Lots of love to you and Tunes ahead!! Have a beautiful day Rachel :-)
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