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What a Blast!

What a Blast!

Good beautiful day to YOU! I hope this Monday is more than melancholy for YOU! Yes, unusual and changing but sometimes special things happen in the middle of the muddle!

It was a great time in the studio creating a new sound and I had so much fun writing lyrics and laying down my vocals! Creativity is such a mysterious journey! So many interesting sights to see on the path! It is a bubbling stream of ideas that one can put their cup in and fill it with delight!

Though the snow is melting and a gust of wind is causing my wind chimes to sing out loud! I find everyday has a special treasure, may we find it. That place of peace I rest my souls and find energy for the day. That is what my song REST from ZOROBABEL talks about. That uninterrupted place of peace that I can go to God and find. For everyday. I guess that is the Highway Robert Frost was speaking too. To travel the journey.

I look with anticipation into the future. I know that it is changing but Love is lasting, full and steady. Full of peace, love and Rest!

Check out my song REST from ZOROBABEL!

And have a Merry Monday, not a Melancholy one!

for now

Rachel 🙂

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