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Month: August 2019

“I’m a Poem”

Good morning! I hope you are well! I am very pleased to have uploaded my latest finished tune titled "I'm a Poem". This song is referring to who we are, matter but matter that sustains life and extends into the Universe and carries on like the potential of a love song. I was honored to have Tony Franklin, English Rock Musician play the fretless bass for the song which really makes it beautiful....
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Music and it’s Muse

Good morning! Today finds me wrapped in a sweater as I reach for another cup of coffee and share with you! I have so many projects I am so excited to share with you! Everything in it's hard for me to wait sometimes..learning patience and trust when you want so very much to just jump in with both feet!! I guess that's how you get wet..after all!! But music keeps playing on , in my head...
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The Rhythm of the Dance!

The journey thus far has embraced many ups and downs and that is life in its algorithms...we learn to adapt and go with the hills and valleys and find the dance along the way! Maybe as the poet states, 'the high road'. The road less traveled is interesting as it was referring to the joy in the journey. To find our way through this life to the one to come and experience life at its fullness! I am...
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Good Day to YOU!

From wet rainy moments this week to a sunny day today! So happy to have finished I'm A Poem! Tony Franklin, legend has worked on this song, playing the bass, fretless, which is always So Cool!! Also Kenny Sutton, 'Sweet Kenny' has played some candy guitar parts! We should be sharing this new song with you soon! "I'm a Poem" talks to the fact that we are of this world and yet of the one to come,...
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