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Month: August 2018

#Anxiety The Best of Zest vol. I

Good morning! Yesterday a storm passed through. Such a mighty wind, large drops of rain, lovely rain; both fierce and vigorous. It was a day to stay tucked in and warm and let the storm pass. That's how the last week has been. Full of personal dynamics and challenges, but today the ground renewed with the aftermath of moisture, looks as if nothing had passed by. And underneath the ground lie the...
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#One Act Play

Good evening! Today went well. Intentional. I am learning how to... yes, dream... but also act! Action requires intent. Intentional movement forward. I had a busy and good work day and wanted to drop in and say Hello! As I am now collaborating with many new artists, I also wanted to share from the songs that are now being played! When I think of "One Act Play" I am reminded of the band and our...
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Paintings on Saatchi/online!

Good beautiful morning to yOu! As I sit here with my second cup of coffee I just wanted to let you know that we have added the link to some of my paintings that are displayed on Saatchi /online! Some of these paintings I created to further express my songs. For example ; the song Poppies has a painting I created in oils, that is titled Poppies. The picture represents the hand of God holding...
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The Greedy Monster

There he sit all round and fat Thought he looked good But really far off lie at that He ate and ate and ate all gone The profits of his workers song and ate and ate until one day He fell down loud ! And died that day.
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With the Rain New Seeds may Grow

Good evening! So thankful for the rain we have recently experienced! Also... Just a few new features to let you know of! We have added photos to the Albums section. You can see us in the studio when we created Best of Zest vol. I & II also photos from the other albums as well :-) Also started recording a song I wrote in gratefulness to J.Michael Dolan who has been a source of encouragement to...
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