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Month: April 2018

Bird Of Paradise!

Hi! I just wanted you to know that we have uploaded my latest tune, Bird Of Paradise onto the website! So I hope you enjoy and more tunes ahead!! Have a very wonderful day!! truly Rachel :-)
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Mountains and Valley’s

Good morning to YOU! On a musical note... I will very soon upload my latest tune to share on my website. This song was a great lot of fun to make and I want to also make a video for it! Seems I am going to be doing some gigging this summer as well so my songs are getting ready and into sets to play! So much to look forward too! The sun is shining and calling me outside to take a walk in nature!...
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Melody and the Wall

There they were, the two of them walking gently on. The path unknown and the weather ominous. "Which way to go?" Melody asked her long time friend, Bel. "You know, Melody, I was sure it was this way..but look a wall..." Bel said thoughtfully. "Yes, I see it myself and so high it be". They stood there, and looked up for what seemed as a very long look. Then Bel said, "Touch it Melody". She looked...
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Cozy the Day

Good day to you! As I am getting ready to immerse myself into some new music I wanted to say how very grateful I am for all of these gifts of creating. How much life one can feel and the need to express this to you; to others. Why an artist creates! To share. It is beyond creativity but encompasses so much emotion and feeling that one has to share it, as if an energy moves through and the result...
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Take me a moment and Keep it real Show me a true tale So I can feel Lie not I see you Just something to sell All things float by Look up and feel well Eagles still fly.
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