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Month: October 2017

Ahhh….a Little Closer Please…..

Good evening! It is really time to settle in for the day but I just wanted to share a thought with you before I do! As my opportunities broaden and come to me more frequently I am aware that this journey is not always clear at first. What can look to be a real and amazing opportunity can at closer look seem to change and turn into something totally different. As I grow with the music and business...
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As I head into a season full of color and a nip in the air I am truly Full of Thanks! Sure there are always the moments that keep us challenged but I am finding that everything has a season and a time to it! I feel free to create my music and begin to simple pursue it with a passion! I feel the anticipation of doing this and creative sparks are beginning to fly! So in this new season I want to...
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Just a little bit more!

Good afternoon! The sun is just beautiful today, shining on the falling golden, red leaves that whisper a change in season! I just came in from finishing a portrait for a wedding soon coming. It always feels so rewarding to finish and On time!! :-) With all of the distractions around it's so easy to feel like not pressing on with a project, like this painting..I was really struggling for a time...
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