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Year: 2017


....and as the corner was turned a new and wondrous sight like a story in a book written but now to be read... was to be seen...! " Happy New Year! for now Rachel :-)
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After the anticipation of Christmas comes the pause of time past and times to come. I feel it like a wave that has hit the shore and retreated to the cycle it plays. Feelings can bombard and thoughts can flow and it is a good time for me to think. I respect this time as it offers me a challenge to be honest with myself, to grow and deepen on my journey. I have great anticipation for the days...
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Sugar, Salt, and Pepper

Good evening!  As Christmas Season is vast approaching I have been thinking as the days fly by and I sort through the recipe file of events. A season for joy and good will! This is my hearts desire. A little bit of pretty lights on a dark night! So to pour the sugar into the season! Open the many recipes for this and go! But sometimes it's just a little too much pepper...and too much...
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It’s Beginning to lOOk a lot like….!

Good beautiful morning! I hope this day finds you well and ready for a new week! In the ebb and flow of life I am finding some great new treasures of wisdom as I learn to deal in new areas of creativity! As journeys go they can stretch us, break us, or discourage us all depending upon the way we flow through all of the obstacles and challenges that come our way. It's inevitable.  I have gained...
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