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Month: August 2017

From the thicket came a road….

It wasn't as if it was obvious to the common eye.. Inching through a long series of brush and undertake, some swamp was bearing down upon the ankles of the one as they slowly ebbed through the seemingly blurred forest. It wasn't expected, no, yet there it was...a well padded road. :-) Looking forward! Have a beautiful day! truly Rachel :-)
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Good beautiful afternoon! How have you been?? I have been working on my gig coming up tomorrow! Mostly new tunes so this is always with a bit of butterfly's for sure! Also I painted a picture for my latest tune, it is called "Sea Dog" which is also the title of my latest song. I woke up one night in the wee hours and this tune was going through my head. I was so tired and didn't really want to...
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Imperfect Perfection

From fallen, broken, weak, laid low From error written here below From less, uneven, below the score Perfection lives Perfection's beauty we adore Perfection needs not Perfect shores.
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Through Hazey Colored Eyes

Good morning! I have been thinking of how the path one follows can lead  into disruptions. Nothing conjured up or expected but still it comes. Seemingly it throws off ones rhythm, but I am learning that it directs  if one lets the wind move.  Smoke may fill ones eyes for a moment but still the path is clear. It does feel like riding the waves and not loosing site of the destination. I suppose...
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Through Smoke and Fire

This morning I headed off to the Sally Ann to play and sing. It was a very smoke-filled sky and I wondered if it was so safe to go out into. I carried on with some doubt in my thoughts and headed into the building. So many new faces I saw. Old and new, and all there to give of their own time to help others. I was so impressed with them all so warm and cheery they were. I sat down to the piano to...
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