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Month: May 2017


Pathways find an ebb and flow Sometimes struggle, is what we know To fumble, plunge The path to go To find our way The ebb and flow  
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On the Verge

Good afternoon! As I anticipate all these great ideas coming to bloom I know that the ground work is just! Then the magic happens! I realize on my journey that it is the journey that is important. To find the good in each day and relish it. To not look back but keep on moving forwards;  eventually it all makes sense. It all has a rhythm and reason and fits into the Universal puzzle...
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Happy MOther’s Day!!

I remember her, busy in the kitchen or busy at her desk working..or spending time with my Dad,..or fighting a headache. My Mom. Sensitive, behind the scenes artist. My Mom wrote music and poetry and sang so beautifully but who knew? She was too nervous to sing in front of a crowd, too sensitive for that. But my Mom is brilliant and full of wisdom. Thank YOU MOM for the music you have passed onto...
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A Musical Evening!

Good evening to you! I just finished working on music with an artist that is very talented. It is interesting how paths cross and meet and the storms inbetween..Like a paper airplane flying in the wind that meets an undercurrent or two. There is definitely a mystery to music. My friend has a story, and I hope that his pages are now written in the black not red. The very thing he loved almost...
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