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Month: April 2017

They made an impression

There they were, he with his limp and her with her speech troubles and crooked grin. Simple people, sometimes he pushed her in her wheel chair, sometimes she walked with a difficulty. There they were, always one with the other. Grey hair speckled  the tops of their heads like a crown on top jeweling two hearty grins. He had never learned to read or write, he told me, he used his memory, came...
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#By The Fire #10 Zorobabel

I came about writing By the Fire at a time when my world was turned upside down and totally uncertain. It was a time of pain and struggle. That's when you get songs like this. They come to you like a source of comfort, like a moment from the Divine. I knew that in spite of my personal world events that I was "taken care of". That inner peace and comfort that comes to us when all else is uncertain...
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Happy Easter!

Good day to You! As Easter Weekend sets into motion I am full of joy really. I think of Easter as a time where faith is realized and so too in my own journey as I have learned to really stretch my self in faith and take a "flying leap" then begins to emerge into reality. It's a wonder and a wonderful thing really. To break past the mediocre and reach into the heavens and pull out a star!...
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New Growth Green

Good morning! Today is one of those days that I have discovered a mindset. An attitude adjustment that is so important as journey's go. Sometimes the life we love is just blooming into place. This can require work that is not what we love to do, but is necessary and I am learning to appreciate it all. Not just the gifts that call me constantly but the rocky road that makes me into a better human...
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Springtime’s Muddy Waters:-)

Good afternoon. Today I have been reflecting on small sphere's like the puddles on the road that wash away the muddy soil, where new life begins...To larger spheres' and how we are all so interdependent upon each other to some point. How we all feel emotions when an event takes place. This morning at my Sunday gig, a young man with a slender build was sitting quietly in his chair. I remembered...
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