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Month: March 2017

Ride the Wave

Good morning! As the ocean; so seem we... So many different currents and energetic waves move and crash to form a rough weathered sea, but I know that we all have a ship to sail! A journey to experience and weather through..but also there is a beauty to "riding the wave" and finding the joy that one feels when the wind carries us on the ride! So we ride the wave and find the exhilaration in the...
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Sunshine :-)

Fill me up from Head to toe So sunny skies and Earth's blue glow I feel that sense Of joy and know That soon a new Bloom soon will.... Grow!! Have a beautiful day! Rachel :-)
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And so much more!

Good evening! I just wanted to say a quick HELLO! to YOU!  Also how much fun I have had creating film score samples.   And so there are many more creations we are planning to begin. As winter's white blanket of covering turns form and travels , bobbing here and there  in the suns rays... til seen dropping into drains, I am looking forward too many new challenges and changes! But I'll tell you...
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To Garden Paths

I walked along and found a path Not without rocks and curved hills turns A road that leads me through the flowers Through toil and storm Through midnight hours I watched two madman shovel strong To cause a hole to bury its song For what? I asked to do such wrong When garden paths flow Where we belong.  
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