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Month: February 2017

Great Day!!

Good evening! I just had to pass the JOY on to yOu!! and tell you what a great time I had in the studio today! I am sorting and creating film samples and will soon put them up for you to ....well..sample.! It is a whole new aspect of musical creating and I really love it so much! Also have new tunes in the "cooker" so to speak..A great deal on the go and I am very thankful and honored!! I wish...
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Springtimes Kiss!

I walked in bliss as the snow flakes dripped of water drops and sunlight diamonds. I felt your kiss, a brief caress of springtime wisk of days to cherish. For you brushed my cheek with sunlit moisture, smell of seasons new arrival. And as I walk in cheerful wanderings ,  you are here to welcome me:-)
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Step in it’s Fine!

As this day is winding down I am reflecting on my journey this far. It's that balancing act of new territory and faith. Walking on the water so to speak means to focus on the object ahead and not the deep ocean floor. Taking a risk and stepping forward into an unknown possibility is stretching and broadening my comfort zone for sure! There are times on this path that faith will be put to the...
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Past the Drudge Donkey

Far be it for me or you to live in limbo...frozen in time till time runs out! No! The grey, shadowy days of mediocrity paw at our heels as we see only mist and drear..NO! Far be it from us to let it sink into our bones like quicksand in the night..For we will face the eyes of drudge, it's nostril smell of dank and dull its lure to shallow waters call to sleep and stillness creep ...PAST HO! and...
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Music and Peach Pie!

Good afternoon! As winds blow and temperatures shift into new seasons I wanted to say that I am more and more inspired lately! I woke up to a new song in my head the other day and am really excited to complete its journey!! Recording sessions have been going really well and that too is a reward in and of itself. :-) As journey's go...I find the warmth along the way is to love and be loved and...
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