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Month: January 2017

Tiny Yellow Seed

Good afternoon! I hope you are very well! I have lately been thinking of the whole idea of belief.  How it affects our whole way of life. As we are launching some new ventures I am realizing that the faith one has is actually the ultimate. It was said to me, that the journey is secondary to the faith on the way. Journey's are full of challenges and yet, faith holds its own. More than holds its...
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Photos and more!

Good evening! I just wanted to say a big hello to you this night! So many new and great adventures we are tackling here! It is all very new and also very exciting for me to stretch myself and grow in several new areas! But also we have just had a great time on the photo shoot and will very soon upload some new pictures if you would wish to see some! This year for me is truly one of growth and...
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Big Great Machine

What was he doing? We all looked and stared. A crowd around in a sun dazed glare. Way up! Way up! In the clouds somewhere, he balanced almost in thin cool air! A little boy he could not see? " Up,  up!" his Mother said," is he!"  We all cranked our heads and watched in awe as the man in plain air, well, did the SEE SAW!  He wavered here! And he wavered there! Balanced almost in the thin, cool...
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