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Month: August 2015

Not to Refrain

Sad eyed stranger Falling down Left to danger World go 'round Tis agonies wretched manger Tis rule that wants no wager Oh aching heart to anguish Oh biting wind that carries Tender hearts That bleed for thee.      
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The Case of the Six Eyed Tree

It was a lovely evening. Calm air, skies painted with a brush of pink and grey as the sun waved goodnight. The dogs were happy to jump and play and walk into the night breeze. Sleep will be sweet, I thought as I climbed into bed. Just as I began to enter in-between land, where sleep and dreams mix, with reality, the dogs began to bark! And bark! and Bark! What is going on? I thought and after a...
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The Dark Glass

Can I see the obvious Can I see through the darkness Can I see with these eyes? I can see I can But dimly Is it there? Or here in my head or real? It is there? Here and there? It Is there I can see.
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Good morning! As I get my day going it is one of those wonderful unhurried days! The kind where you wear your pajama's longer than usual, and pour even more coffee! Yup! That kind of a day! It's the sigh after the push to get a song out and worked on. I am looking forward to the creation of the video, as it will be a lot of fun. I am so grateful. :-)   When the winds are still, and the sky...
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As I finish the day, for the most part I am now heading into a creating room of mine to work on last minute details for a next video shoot! I need to get the outfit ready before the weather changes too much and I am left out in ...the cold! Literally! I look forward to sharing this next song with you . It has great feel. I wish you a comforting and relaxing evening :-) for now Rachel :-)
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