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Year: 2015

Like Ice-cream dipped in Trees

Good morning :-) As the sun creeps slowly down the white-capped tree tops it reminds me that this day is moving on and tomorrow is soon approaching! Yes a new year full of wonder and adventure. Anticipation, like the sound of the ice cream truck coming up the road, or a scary movie as the tempo in the tune increases....ahh yes, but still a world of new creations to discover and explore! So before...
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A Little bit of Rock

Good afternoon :-) I hope your Christmas Season is faring well for you . Last night we recorded a song raw.  It felt good to get that one done.  I took the lyrics from a friend in Africa and created a tune to his rhythm of words. At first I thought, I don't know about the delivery of this song, but it went really easily and just made me want to keep on recording.  So we will keep working on...
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For yOu on the First Day of Winter :-)

Good morning! I wanted to give you a gift! I am so happy that you share this time with me and so I am working on an acoustic Christmas carol for you! It is my way of saying Thank You for spending this time with me and hanging around :-) Let's see if I can get this done before Christmas! :-) It will be here on my webpage.:-) ...a gift for YOU coming soon...! for now Rachel :-)
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Through hazy Skies of Soft Blue Eyes

Snow capped trees like wonderland Quiet skies walk empty hand All the hush of nature's peace I walk and see from soft blue skies Still further go The snowy trail A whisper from A tree's snow fall And there before my eyes do see A gentle colour like the sea Moves slowly into skies all blue Creates a painting, something true Of orange, peach and flowing cream My eyes have never seen It softly...
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