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Month: July 2015

Good Morning! Good Morning! Good Morning!

Oh maybe it's the way the sun shines so warmly Or maybe the blue in the sky Maybe it's the way the dancing breeze holds me and merrily teasing, blows in my eyes Maybe it's the songs that come and they find me And fill me and swirl till I dance! It's a very good morning Yes a wonderful morning! Will I waste it? Ohh...not a CHANCE! :-) Have a beautiful day!! truly Rachel:-)      ...
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The plight of the Artist

Good morning! It IS summer...and yet I am on a schedule to work out these new songs...  for the passionate artist it means one has to sacrifice to complete and create in spite of the possibility of self-indulgence. Well sure, time to take breaks of course, but it does require a dedication to the craft. :-) And so...without further a due..( I think that's how you spell it??) I will wish you a...
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To try a Sheave

"Ayyy what's the trouble with the round about?" "Perhaps a little push ehh??" "Nyyyy, it all is the higher edging ye see" "Whaaa??" "Yyyieyy, just a bit o grease and the movement will be ........ohhh....well ye'll see...."
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Is it…..true …?

Good afternoon :-) I hope you are great! I just wanted to play with a thought today, with you, if that's okay :-) On the word, truth. Is true or truth the same in all contexts ? If something is true, can that be altered to untrue in a different context? I think so. If this is the case, compassion and understanding have to be measured into the word truth. Just words to think on. And I would add if...
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In a crowded Room

Good morning :-) As I get my guitar ready to take off for a day or two, I am looking out the window and all I can see in my head is a sea of faces. So many voices seeking to be heard, hoping for a moment of your time. Are we all special? Some people fight for their place, some rob, steal, take, compete... Who will shine in the end? In a crowded room their is for myself, a great hope that art and...
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