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Month: June 2015

The Bull outside my Gate

Good morning! As I get ready for a day of working on my next song , I just wanted to say a GREAT morning to you! This next song is a love song. I think you'll really enjoy the feel.'s time for me to get into it! ps yesterday, a big ol' cream colored bull was right outside my gate munching away at the grass. I couldn't resist walking up that way, even though the gate's not all that strong....
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Sun golden sun Mornings true one! I feel the music Before it's been sung Oh the joy Oh great joy Beautiful morning! Good times Have begun!
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Sojourner’s Sleepless Night

The friends had travelled on and the night set in. It was a clear sky but Sojourner could not sleep. Try as one might try to, tossing and turning came to not. Sojourner sat up and stared at the big black sky speckled as if by diamonds. As Sojourner stared thoughtfully upwards a crunching of pebbles could be heard just around the rock the sleepless traveler leaned upon. It was unexpected and the...
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To catch a Wave

Good evening! Just wanted to talk to you for a little bit. The weather is grey mixed with rain..all seems silent, and yet so much is happening that I cannot see. So say a day is full of troubles, it can alter one's outlook on things. But I was thinking today about Einstein's my words he was saying you can catch a wave that is positive energy and become all that you want to with...
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So Sunny So Blue

In days of beauty, feel the pleasure Feel the breeze, soft in measure Flows so gently, oh so Mighty Fly by two So sunny so blue If strips to soul Where all is bare Beyond full body To all tis fare The two not me But You So sunny so blue.  
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