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Month: May 2015

Creative they come!

Good and beautiful morning to you!!  I just feel so blessed today as the sun is shining so beautifully and I will be working on music as well as starting some new paintings! I love these kind of days!  and so....I just wanted to say a very GOOD morning to YOU!! for now! Rachel :-)
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Sunny for You!

Good morning! It felt so wonderful the other day to complete the painting that I have made for one of my new songs coming out!! It is in oils. Some of the finishing is in the details..and same with the music.  ! and soo... we continue :-) Well morning is moving the shadows on the lawn to complete sunshine and so I must go! for now. Have a wonderful day Truly Rachel
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More to come!

Good morning! I just wanted to let you know that we have many more songs to come! In fact we feel as we are just getting started :-) Thank you! and have a great day :-) Truly Rachel
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On the dusty path

On mountains where the air is thin And vague the way, So comes within Where does this valley path unknown Take soldiers on their way? To destination sure to come Sure way forward Not to run The sanction of the merry heart To find still pastures green And still to find the pastures green.    
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Hey little flower

"Hey little flower! What are you doing.. over there, under the tree Where no one can see??" "Who me?" "yah..thee.." "Well, you see.. blooming is what I'm supposed to be"
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