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Month: March 2015

Creativity and it’s avenues

Good afternoon! I just wanted to say Hello again! This week I was re-introduced to a fellow musician. He had been touring for a few years and one day, he just burnt out. Now he won't even pick up his guitar. He looks a little war torn and I thought about " where does the creativity go?" I was also taking a break and found a great article written about Pink Floyd, specifically, David Gilmour. One...
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Me and My Guitar

Good Morning to you!! Well today is a day I love because I can say "excuse me" to the chores..."excuse me" to the phone and say "HELLO GUITAR!!" Yup, it's a beautiful day :-) So just had to quickly say GOOD MORNING to YOU! and then.......... "do the the work...!" Have a super day!! Rachel :-)
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A little bit of fairy dust

And somewhere deep and full As if from another land, or time A stirring of a heart A beat so strong So enduring Began again To feel It's loving pulse beat Like the fluttering Float Of a fairy dust Wind.
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In the quiet hour

A gift so given To sit so silent? To gather dust and bother Or to polish And to shine So in the quiet hour So lonely, solo, given Sacrifice of time and comfort So to let it shine.
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