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Words, Value, and Depth of them…

Words, Value, and Depth of them…

Good beautiful Saturday morning to yOu!! Wow…I just have to share with you and I have lately

also been thinking about words, their meanings and how much they have value!

For example, a word in English could be understood to mean several differing things, but

when you go back to the original text, from its roots it can mean so much more and

then makes so much more sense….less confusion, more understanding, more beauty!

Truth then is more clear to me and you.

I guess for some treasures you have to dig a little to find them.

Also, this morning, someone I love so very much and so deeply ALVIN TAYLOR played on one of my

songs, VIA DOLO ROSA I played guitar and sang to this one. We made it into a video.

Anyways, well I think the world of ALVIN and his knowledge of music as he has played with the BEST of the BEST, Elton John, George Harrison, same stage as Fleetwood Mac and so much more! Anyways his words today to me well, I will keep them forever. What a special friend to me.

Here, I will put them here for you!! I am soo incredibly honored by these kind words from such an amazing artist!! Thank YOU so much ALVIN!! I love you sooo much!! Tunes ahead!!

Rachel 🙂

ALVIN TAYLOR 1st degree connection1stLegendary Drummer Extraordinaire/ Producer/ Music Director/Artist Development Director

Rachel Walker: You are quadtriple and multi platinum in every area of your music, talent and performance. Love, hugs and kisses to you my gorgeous and amazing friend. I love you so much. Keep on shinning. You are a beautiful bright shining star. That’s what you are. I’m so grateful and proud to say that I’ve actually had the privilege of working with you. I count it a privilege, honor and a pleasure.

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