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The Goldsmith and the Stone Pg. 22

The Goldsmith and the Stone Pg. 22

The day advancing made all the gazing onlookers jolt back to the reality of the moment as the chill of the oncoming evening reminded them of the warm wood heat in their humble homes. They decided to head back for a good dinner and a meeting. So much had happened and the turn of events decidedly changed the game. “What say we meet at Mammy’s for dinner and a meeting?” Black Jack spoke up, breaking the silence of awe. “Yes, very good, let’s do it.” Goldsmith answered as his thoughts whirled around his head; full of studies he had spent many years on previously.
Walking back in silence with an occasional outburst of repetition of the days events, they did just that.
The meeting was long and it was decided the next day would be one of excavation, securing beams and opening a new path way to the now broken down mine entrance. All goodbyes for the day said, and everyone looking forward to their own humble abodes, departed with a wave.
Goldsmith stoked the fires in his wood heater and settled down to look at his maps. “Yes, ” he thought ” of course, this makes more sense. The lines follow the map more accurately now. Why didn’t I see this! We just all assumed the entrance was correct!”

As he studied his findings he could see that the entrance that had been made years ago was off by several feet, and no wonder the crevasse never showed. It had been hidden in the mountain, untouched until now!
Suddenly out in the night there was a knock on the door. Goldsmith startled, jarred backwards as his head shot up from his position of study.
“Who could that be?” he exclaimed as he scooted his chair back from the wooden table, dimly lit by a lantern. He moved to answer the door, and opened it slowly. The familiar screech bellowed in the silent night.
The shadows of the snowy lanterns shocked him as his eyes adjusted and he made out the outlines of a woman’s form. A coat held loosely was wrapped around her body. The shiver of the night penetrated his chest. In surprise he spoke out almost awkwardly, “May I help you?!”

“Hello, Goldsmith.” Was the reply. He knew he had heard this voice before and suddenly his mind jolted back to the memory of his acquaintance with Lola.
In shock as he was adjusting to the night air he repeated again, “May I help you?”
She laughed a sultry laugh and looked directly into his eyes, a gaze that caught him off guard. He felt the look in her eyes moving through his body in a memorizing sensation.
“I am so cold out here Mr. Goldsmith. We are all so pleased that you have come to our village. So many wonderful things you are doing here. May I come in? It is so very cold out here.”
Raised as a gentleman, Goldsmith’s instincts were to politely let the lady in, but her every move indicated she wanted more than a warm fire. He was about to let her in doors, his kindness troubled by her obvious cold body when his Grandfather’s words penetrated his now lured mind. “When you find success’ in this life, Grandson, remember with every true finding, there will be a counterfeit waiting to confuse you. It will come like a truth, but it will be a lie. Refuse it, and stay on the path of truth, Grandson, no matter how attractive it may seem to you.”
Goldsmith was jolted out of the moment and spoke with a stutter, unusual for him, “My apologies miss, Lola, is it, I am very tired and I wish you a good evening as you find yourself home.” His tender heart and the stirrings of his body felt betrayed by his words as he forced his door to close, it’s screech a reminder of his abode.
He heard a muffled offended sigh, as her steps crunched through the snowy evening, not a comfortable walk home for her. Her home empty and dark as her husband would not return home for several weeks yet.

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