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The Goldsmith and the Stone Pg. 19

The Goldsmith and the Stone Pg. 19

Evening setting in and all the town hushing to the nights air, Goldsmith found himself walking the trek home, happily alone. With the stirring of new prospects for the little town, the consensuses for most was to head down to Mammy’s for a town meeting. Hope stirring in the air, meant no one was heading home early this eve. Except for Goldsmith. He needed some time to think. “How could he have missed this small but major detail! Why hadn’t anyone mentioned the son and his link to the mine!” It all seemed like such a dream. His foot stumbled on a rock in the darkening night. He pulled his shoulders a little straighter and continued onto his what he now considered, cozy home. He had left the small lantern burning and it’s light grew brighter as he walked. The air was fresh, albeit, cold as hints of coming snow loomed in the air. “Was it almost Christmas?” he thought to himself. “How time seems to fly in this small piece of the world!” Goldsmith almost spoke under his breath.

The porch light on as he had left it, he pushed open the old wooden door, it’s familiar creak welcomed him home. He moved quickly to build a warm fire in the woodstove, it’s penetrating heat filling the cold air, as he sat down to a glass of wine. He had to think this one through.

His memory reminded him of his Grandfather’s stern warnings. Many times their family could have taken advantage of the position they owned. Grandfather spoke of those he knew who would and had done so, but he made sure Goldsmith knew this was not the way of business in this family tree.

“With the young lad green under the collar, I suppose I could lend him a hand” Goldsmith thought to himself. “Yes, I suppose this will be very good for the villagers, and right before Christmas too!” He pulled out his old familiar maps, and studied himself into the evening as his eyelids grew heavy and the crackle of the fire, fell into a glow of coals.

“Well, this day is done.” Goldsmith spoke outright to himself, and to no one’s notice snow flakes began to fall, covering the roof tops and streets with a glistening like diamonds in the moonlight night.

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