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The Core of Music

The Core of Music

Good morning! Lately, I have heard some new music that has been created using mostly technology. It was good! Very creative!

That said the muse of music has special value that is what really makes music stand out and reach us to the core.

That inner voice, that transcends this world into farther dimensions beyond what we can even begin to see. The music that reaches our soul and comes from the divine. That gives us something for the tomorrows.

That is why I am a great believer in art and artists as a source of production from a greater means. From God even.

This is the one thing technology cannot replace and why an artist’s creations are full of value and continue to offer society something….more…

One day, the music will stop, but not now.

Lots of tunes in the making!!

Have a beautiful day!

for now


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