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So Sings the Bird

So Sings the Bird

Good morning! Do you ever take time to listen to the birds in the morning, singing a song

of cheer and welcoming the day? They seem to start around 4:00 am and if anything is to wake

one up in the early morning that is the best sound! I love to hear them! Rising early has its beauty and

the first part of the day its own mood! So beautiful!!

Lately I have been writing new songs and getting ready to record and start a new series in the journey!

It is all so exciting, I anticipate so many wonderful treasures to come!!

The birds sing, the frogs settle into the outdoor fountain that we made! For them it’s the best frog hotel ever!!

The water flows and has it’s own sound, the sound of peace.

When I fill my mind with the beauty all around, so easy to see in the warm summer sun, I feel the vibes of

the birds voices everywhere, the joy they share, and my own being is set right, in joy and peace.

This Sunday I want to take time to listen to the sounds of nature, fill my mind and body with the anticipation of the story to unfold, the next chapter to reveal.

So much ahead!! Music to be made, songs to sing, and join the birds in their joyful melody!

I hope you have a wonderful day, that you catch the moments as they reveal themselves to us.

Tunes ahead!!

for now

Rachel 🙂

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