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I have been so burdened for the people of the world. The poor, who have no voice

and yet God hears us all, in our pain, in our trials. There is GREAT hope!!

Here are the lyrics of my song POPPIES, written for YOU. I wrote this song in a bit different tempo than the recording shows. Perhaps someday I will record it again. But new songs are needing to be recorded!

I wrote this song for all who need to know they are not alone facing a world in need.

Here you go! for YOU!


“What will you eat, my dear friend?

What will you wear, once again? And

how do you feel? Are you well , are you so well?”

“Look at the birds, flying there

Poppies that bloom, oh so fair

and let’s take that boat, sailing


if we only BELIEVE”

“What good does a troubled heart bring?

Instead releasing~

He’s taught our hearts to sing”

“What will you eat, my dear friend?

And what will you wear, once again,

and how do you feel?

Are you well ?

Are you so well?

Lots of love to YOU and Tunes ahead!!

Rachel 🙂

ps, you can hear this song on my website! HERE!!

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