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On this most Awesome Day! Palms High!

On this most Awesome Day! Palms High!

04/04/22rest is mindblowin music..i hope you know how much a real song can afffect the world in a positive way gbless..dont ever stop

Wow, you know, I am so honored by comments like these, it is sooo truly touching to hear someone say that the music makes a difference to them. I really am so touched!

This day was such a wonderful day, making a nice meal and homemade buns for Palm Sunday!

The dynamics of this coming week and all the energy that it brings!

It is all inspiring and makes me want to sing!

I am looking forward to creating new sound and I am so honored to share it with You!

And all that to say, I wish you a beautiful day, Palms to the Sky!

Happy Sunday!!

Tunes ahead:-)

Rachel 🙂

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