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With overcast skies my baking gene sets off running and I can smell my cinnamin buns cooking as I am typing away to YOU!

I am looking forward to a few gigs coming up as I get my sets back in order once again! It always feels so great to have my music organized and ready!

The movie work is coming along. It is creating it’s own buzz as the script is good! These new projects all pulling me out of my comfort zone to moments of anxiety. I am reminded of the song that I wrote that soothes my fears, titled “Anxiety”. I wrote this song when life was really hard and I felt so alone. God so strong kept me, and also gave me the focus I needed to get through the tough times and all in one piece!

“Anxiety” is on The Best of Zest vol. 1!

May you have a peaceful Saturday!

Lots to look forward too, to hope in, to believe!

for now

Rachel 🙂

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