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Mastering the Melody!!

Mastering the Melody!!

Good wonderful day to YOU!! It’s really amazing, how great you can feel when the sun finally comes out for a little while!! I actually took a moment to sit in the sun and read a fasinating book!!

That said, what is really wonderful about Today is that we are mastering one of the new songs featuring TONY FRANKLIN, Hall of Fame Bass player, fretless Tony, and all around super awesome guy!! As well as Jerome Lande, who is a new and amazing friend o mine located in beautiful France!! Jerome filled in all of the lead guitar parts and made the song Rock!! I play the piano, and organ on this one and Wow!! Just can’t wait to let YOU listen so very soon!!

I am also really starting to get into the mixing….of the song, more than ever before..I see now how much your “ears” start to train for better sound! It’s all like a painting, each stroke makes a difference!

Anywho…!! Just wanted to say a BIG Hello!! to YOU and wish you a beautiful day!!

Stay TTTtuned…!!! for now

Rachel 🙂

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