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Month: November 2023

The Goldsmith and the Stone Pg. 18.

The Mayor looked from Goldsmith to Matt several times as he read out loud the deed and sad letter. He rubbed his eyebrows as if in disbelief. "Ohhh my" he said over and over. With that he picked up his phone, made several calls to the city, grabbed his coat and hat and said, "Let's go!" Down the dirt road the three of them walked as if a storm was brewing, and indeed the skies were overcome with...
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The Goldsmith and the Stone Pg. 17.

Matt ran so fast that he stumbled into the doorway of Mammy's, causing all the breakfast eaters to look up with a jolt. Mammy putting the last of the pancakes on the grill caught his eye and bid him over.  Before she could speak he stuttered the words, "I have to go and find Goldsmith, Mammy, it's really important. I was hoping he would be here." Matt glanced around the room looking for the...
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