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Month: October 2022

Boulder’s High!

"Ohhhhh thesseee a one is a hard on me thumbs, lasssy... Tis a wind I say, a mighty wind that blow me this a way and that...I says....." "Hold on tight me friend!! Hold on and climb, just a weee bit higher, ya sees there...the flat land with a wee bit o' grassy's....?? Ya sees its??" "Ahhh yessess I sees it's...just me thumbs are sore...."
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Creepy Crawlers …stay out!

With wars within and without processing today sometimes feels overlooked. Mostly for myself I feel the need to take some time to check my own closets, make sure my inner self isn't full of webs that catch all the flies that pass my way. It's that deep inner self that needs to process, pain, anger, all these creepy crawlers that want to set up a corner in my soul. If I let life stay too busy and...
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Photo Shoot! What fun!

Good day to you! This weekend we decided to get out in the beautiful fall weather and do some photos! Packing the gear and the outfits into the car I forgot several items! But eating pizza on the way made up for it! We found a place with great light and shadow and set up the gear! I will put some up so you can enjoy the natural beauty and the sun as it creates so much mood in the shots! I am so...
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Organization and On We Go!

Good afternoon! Wow, today is such a beautiful day here, and I look to anticipation for the days ahead! Enjoying some of the sunny weather I was also able to get organized for the next beautiful chapter! It is amazing how many songs I have tucked away all over the place and now is the time to get these all in order and the stories these songs bring. This is the season to put the creative to the...
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