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Month: March 2021

Lind’s Eve

Good day to YOU! I wanted to share with you my latest tune, titled "Lind's Eve". This song is a collaboration with very talented and dear friend Vladimir Entrimitrov. The story is about a dear friend of mine. Beautiful on the outside with a dynamic personality, when she shines, she shines! But part of her cannot let go of the past, of bitterness and pain. It creates turmoil in her soul and...
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Up Springs a New Song!

As if unnoticed, from earth below Small, insignificant, no beauty to show Under and dirt bound, storms high and low Yet up from the never's a song sure to go! Up from the angry skies! Up from the far out lies! Up from the never's a song sure to flow! It moves me so strongly So fills all the air! To reach one! To reach two! To reach small and fair! SING OUT! From the never's! Bloom one, two,...
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