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Month: June 2020

Wings To Fly

Broken winged bird to sigh From winter's battered frost bit skies Now lay thy burden down to rest and find thy Future So tis best So fly dear bird Fly freedom's skies
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They scurried and laughed and all were tucked in The windows shut tight from the storm, Closed tight and secure with a cracklin' fire And a book and a belly a' full.
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REST~ Zorobabel

(Good morning! I was recently told that a person who has my cd loves this song, so I thought I would put up the lyrics for yOu all. Lots of love to You! Rachel:-) New tunes ahead!) You know, you know I was always the clown, yeah Heart poured out on your alter See the blue rose, yeah See now, see now, the nails in His hands I have found my place of rest I have found my place of rest. Sunlight,...
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All in the Details!!

Good beautiful day to YOU! With coffee in hand, I am anticipating some new songs coming soon to YOU! Always a list of things to do, but we carry on ! I look forward to sharing the new music with you! In each and every single day, May Good and Beautiful come YOUR way! May yOu have a Beautiful Day!!! Lots of love to you! for now, Rachel :-)!!!!!
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