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Even In the Laden Snow

Even In the Laden Snow

Good evening! I have been working on some new music and felt like a break to stop and think for a moment. The snow fell last night. All the flurries of the sky whirling around in the black night. I think of Van Gough who painted the motion of earth in little strokes of paint round and round we go… When the snow lays softly on the ground it is as if the earth has been put to bed. The same quietness of a child who’s covers have closed over their arms and tucked them in for a good nights sleep 🙂 So seems the earth rests and yet, here I am growing in the snow. So many new experiences and challenges that have caused me to stretch myself, to trust more, to let go of the unnecessary things that I would hold onto. It is what I would liken to Springtime. Growth comes on a journey when it is ready to come. Maybe when we are ready to learn. And then like swirling little snowflakes of wisdom they fall upon us and we feel the rest …..of course only until the sun wakes us up once again!!

So much to share with you but for now, I will say have a wonder filled evening as a journey full of anticipation awaits!

Thank you for sharing this moment with me!

for now:-)


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