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Month: December 2016

Spring Cleaning….ALREAdy???

Good morning! As the sun shines its beauty rays like a smile in the day, I am waking up a bit sleepy today! Why?? Because all day yesterday was a Big Spring Cleaning...and creating a studio...Why?? Because I am getting ready to do video shoots...Honestly, this is not my comfort zone, but every one of us has to grow and develop and so I! Sighh so many new and exciting things we can do as we...
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Inside the New

Good evening! As I have been working on a new song I wrote this morning I just took a break and read a blog from someone I have known for some time, via: the internet. Change in his life and good for him. As I journey on with my music this gift to me, I know that I have so much music to give. But I don't think the journey is meant to reach a certain destination. At least not for me, I feel that...
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Before the New Year! :-)

Good evening! I hope this day finds you well and that your Christmas Holiday is made of good memories:-)   Like a tide that has turned and an era to begin, so this coming year feels fresh and exciting.  For myself I am really looking forward too so many new opportunities. As journeys go, sometimes it takes a bit of walking to find a place that fits you so well. :-)  Each day itself has its...
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Joy Oh so full of Light!

Good morning! I just wanted to say have a warm day full of Love! I have put my Christmas tunes on the website for you!! May you have a beautiful day and know that I send you my love:-) for now, Rachel!
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Busy May we Be!

Good morning! I hope you are able to enjoy the busyness of this wonderful season! In some ways one never knows when opportunity will arise. I find that the waves and rhythm of life will come at unexpected moments. For me, catching that moment, like a surfer catches a wave, is so great for one's learning curve:-) Like a surfer balanced and focused on a wave is able to enjoy the joy of the ride! It...
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