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Month: November 2016

The Green Beans in the Dilly Jar

One summer I laid a garden down, all nice and in a straight row. I put the seeds into the ground and labeled the vegetables and waited. The season ran its course and all of my beautiful work had created many new and fresh items to eat. "Great" I thought and began to harvest. "This time", I said to myself, "I want to try to make Dilly beans and can them in a jar." And so, I did. Being creative I...
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Have Yerself a Happy and Thankful Day! :-)

I wish you a wonderful and delicious day! Though we have had our Thanksgiving Day already I am so very thankful today! I have the opportunity to create and record new music and create art and I am so very thankful to be able to do so! And I thank YOU for spending this rich time with me! Happy Day!!  Love and music!! Rachel :-)
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Before the Bells!

Good morning! Well last night, singing Christmas carols was a great deal of fun! Performing is always full of dynamics that studio work doesn't carry! In the studio you have control of the sound ext where performing may add new dynamics. When I started to sing, everyone started singing with me! It was great! I think we all like to share in the music sometimes. I played my guitar and changed the...
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A Bird’s Broken Wing

Good afternoon:-) I am reflecting today, as yesterday was full of wonderful things and also some very sad interactions. I know that for many the journey is a place that is just plain hard, full of struggle and unhappiness. When I listen to people pour out their struggles I am hurting with them in their pain. Sometimes our pain is self-induced. For example, I can see how some problems in say, a...
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Grace Note

Just a pause to let me sing Just a soft and kindly ring A moment one that I embrace Like gentle snow Each diamond flake Gently caress Across my face A note of grace Grace note I take:-) Getting ready for a local gig today! I wish you a beautiful day! for now, Rachel :-)
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