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Month: September 2016


Good morning! As I say that to YOU, I can see the frost covering my lawn as icing sugar on a cupcake! As seasons change there is always an excitement and anticipation that goes along with it! The cold weather has its beauty too. A cozy allure that wants one to simply settle in and be creative for a while! I was thinking this morning about my cd. Zorobabel. You know, when I made that cd, it was a...
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Let them eat Cotton Candy

Little did the pipples of Small life know that there was a story behind the promised sugar and sweets.  It was a simple afternoon, so they thought, as they dreamed of all of the delights a'comin their way. Behind and not too far away, a large ship set sail to the village of pipples. They had heard this ship was coming and they anticipated all of the promised cotton candy they could eat! They...
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Fall Crisp and Fresh like an Apple or Two

Good morning :-) As the world turns and questions fall like dew on the morning grass, I feel great anticipation as I am able to have time, the treasure, to create this new music. Every season, and every changing rotation of the earth has all been determined and will find it's course. But today will be a quiet time of preparation and in the meantime, please enjoy the music we have made for you! I...
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Season’s Change

From beauty all around to see From yellow, red,  green falling free Ebbs out from atmosphere of glee A meloncholy tune So see the eyes of turning tides So see in pain how grey sky abides So see your saddened eyes to rise Yet blooms the merry tune For in the atmosphere of grey My heart to feel the heavy day Oh but my heart does feel your pain In atmosphere of grey But still the way is freely seen...
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