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Month: July 2016

Recording along..!

Good afternoon! I just wanted to say hello to YOU and let you know that the recording sessions are really going great! There is something that happens when one pursues their gifting past the resistance. Something personal and overcoming! Like a hidden treasure that can only come from diligence! I felt this last night! Like a push past the force field so to speak! Ha! But it is so inspiring and I...
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So the Tomatoe

Oh little branch That graceful toils In winds and high Sun skies So twirls and twines In day and night Then sudden small but bright! First green? Yesss greeen and just a small bit note But then the Red! Oh such a red! Too touch! To grasp! To dote! For out into the brilliant Sky! A Tomatoe! OHhhh Myyy. :-)
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Have you ever felt the wind on your face as it pulls in the opposite direction moving the rain that falls in the mingle of a warm breeze? Or the warmth of the sun on your skin while the wind blows softly and the sound of water lulls you as it laps along the sides of your boat. As if to add to the song of the moment, the birds lift their voices as a choir hiding in the rushes.  Love those natural...
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Beautiful Sounds

Good Saturday Morning! Well the rain around here is leaving and the sun is shining through! Beyond the weather report I am very much looking forward to full-time creating! I just got a lap steel guitar and a few other great gadgets to add to the whole creating process! I am feeling good about the new set of tunes that I am preparing to share with you! The process is like a painting, and brush...
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In the In-Between

Good morning! I hope this day finds you well. As I reflect today,  I find that there are those gaps that the journey requires. Those steps that one has to size up and take a jump to reach the next step! It feels that way sometimes on this musical journey. So many new opportunities as I prepare my new material. I think it is sometimes easy to want to rush into a project , but I feel it is better...
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