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Month: May 2016

Love Life!

"The most difficult thing but an essential one is to love life, to love while one suffers. Because life is all , Life is God and to love life Means to love God." Tolstoy "War and Peace"  :-)
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Be thou Still

As flowers gently push their way through earth's soft surface As leaves form upon the trees Surely they blossom before us So still my restless heart Until their beauty's work displayed.
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Beauty in the Grey

Oh this day! Full of life Come what may! I feel the joy Walking a new way Yes to step out and say Hello world! Anticipation of my heart today Discovering treasures In the beauty of the grey! I hope your having a beautiful day today!!! for now Rachel :-)  
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Good Morning!

Good morning to you! I just wanted to tell you how excited I am as we have sent the recording of my jazz ballad, to Jessica Williams. She's so great and the song turned out really well so I feel so fulfilled for all of the hard work. :-) Well, I better go get some breakfast but I just wanted to say Good Morning to YOU! for now Rachel :-)
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Splash and twist!

Oh those silver drops of rain Dance on green leaves, None the same Drop! Drop! Drip! And twizzle too! Drop OH! Right on my Shoe! Dancing round! As if to say! Hello! Let's dance! Let's run! This DAY! :-)  
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